Yeah… I know.

Trust me, I know.

I don’t update this site too much. I am well aware of that; it’s been over eight months. The truth is: Blogs are for people who have something worthwhile to share – or people who think they do. I have no such pretentions. Heck, if I didn’t have to listen to myself, I probably wouldn’t.

As I have ceased all open source software support, and prefer that my relatives (who want me to sign up for Facebook, currently) call me on the phone – this site has become widely disused. I have relatively little use for either Facebook, or at this point in my life, a blog.

Anyhow, I did a dist-upgrade on OpenSUSE from 11.2 to 11.3. It almost worked. Almost. Wireless crapped out before it rebuilt the drivers, and couldn’t insmod what was no longer there. It ended up becoming a mess of loading from the 11.2 CD (keyboard and mouse were broken in X11; minimal command line was basically impossible as I needed to backup to a USB HD, and most libraries were half-installed. I ended up archiving /home, and starting over.

..and it still doesn’t work right. NetworkManager craps itself if you try to sleep – and does not always come back with solid-network hacks. The OpenSUSE ndiswrapper of Adobe Flash 32 bit on 64 is worse than Adobe’s final (and now missing) Linux 64bit release. Otherwise, it’s much the same with slightly newer stuff.

To add to the prior post:

The 2000 is doing well, having rolled over to 172k miles recently, with an average of 30.0 MPG (Damn that hill).

I’ve also picked up a new-to-me toy:

It’s nearly a decade old, but the price was right, and it’s absolutely a thrill to drive. The resale value is well worth what I paid for it, but I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it any time soon. It has a few very minor things (it’s a convertible, so it’s gonna be a little more creaky and squeaky, but it’s still no 9-5). It’s prior owner made me promise to take care of it, and I could tell she was having second thoughts. SAAB owners are a quirky bunch.