After struggling working for the last two weeks on my new iPhone, I’ve decided that I absolutely hate it for it’s marketed primary purpose (which at one point, I believe, was placing and receiving calls).

For listening to music? Hey, it can do that, and it does that quite well, although the battery suffers about double that as it does in standby (god forbid it goes a day without being recharged, it’s almost guaranteed death – even without any applets in the background).
For browsing YouTube, it’s great, if not a little cumbersome.
For browsing the web? It’s a little hinky, but workable.
Placing phone calls? Forget it.

Unless you’re sitting in a stationary place where you can dedicate at least 80% of your attention span to the phone, and have absolutely no ambient noise, you might as well just be shouting into your wallet. The reception is nearly as good, as well as the user experience. If you truly want the iPhone experience, though, you’ll turn the wallet upside down and let the cash fall where it might. Don’t forget to wipe (front to back).

So, here are my top ten four uses for the iPhone, since it sucks at telephony:

  1. Playing Solitare City while on the toilet.
  2. Watching YouTube clips while on the toilet.
  3. Twatting (twittering) or updating your blog on the toilet.
  4. Browsing the web on the toilet.
  5. Listening to your music collection while at a public toilet as a distraction from your bizarre noises.

I’m sure there are six five other toilet-related activities, but I don’t think I need Trapster on the toilet.