For some reason or other, about a year ago I was offered to provide feedback to Sirius/XM on their radio stations.

I’ve been annoyed since we lost ‘The System’. It was the reason I subscribed. Yeah, ‘that one’. I’ve since asked them to offer more variety on BPM, and Area could expand a bit.

I just saw this after hearing similar on the station:

SIRIUS|XM’s Area is re-launching as Electric Area and expanding its exclusive dance music content with A State of Sundays, a new show featuring 24 hours of music hosted and curated by DJ Armin van Buuren. The show premieres Sunday, September 12 with an exclusive six-hour set by van Buuren recorded live in Ibiza, Spain. “

Let’s hope they get this one right. “Bagatelle Brunch” is almost worth the time that it takes to turn it off.

[Edit: Update 09/13/2010: For every rainbow, you need to endure the rain. My favorite local radio station just changed their format to “New Country. Ugh.]

[Edit 2: Update 03/31/2011: 1400 KBDB-AM/Reno, Nevada, changed to Smooth Jazz late December – but AM Stereo will never exist; and with all of my electronic equipment, there’s no chance of ever listening to it when doing household chores and not wanting to stream. Oh well.]