Yes- I’ll be the first to admit that it has been awhile.

I’ve all but abandoned my blog. Heck, that mushroom on top? That has been there since February, 2006 (happy almost anniversary), and only a few pages back take you to 5 years ago on my posts here- even though the software, and my development systems have changed since then, even if the format here has changed relatively little in ten years.

I have plenty of projects to work on, and various different venues of work- but nothing I really have to say regards any bit of that, or my life. Work doesn’t need to be discussed; private life shouldn’t be discussed- even if there is nothing to discuss (keep note of this, kids – I’m still finding some strange posts over NNTP that weren’t (all) mine two+ decades past).

I’ve tried social media beyond the blog a few years ago, but I’m just too old to bother- It was an amusing experience then, and it was amusing to play the part of a rude “disk jockey” as the format allowed- but I really just don’t care to be a party to that mindset.

I’ve got so many new ventures to work on, and protocols and standards to learn still! I’m still doing what I always do- only tenfold!

Since the last blog posts:

  • I’ve learned different Trionic 5/7 codes and how to set/reset them.
  • Bought a Tech II, and use it for my own needs (and to help others), and a D610 supplemental system for WIS/TIS.
  • Completely rebuilt a junker 2006 93 internally and externally. I thought I’d part it initially- but it only needed a bit of love (a few months, eBay, and Pick-n-Pull); It ended up going to the folks- and it has somewhat turned them into SAABophiles, too (Well, at least one of them).
  • I’ve moved into various different hardware and software platforms- ARM the most recent – Atmega328 & BCM2835 (but not the most recent). I’ve done Node.js, dealt with Drupal, and fixed PHP4 (really PHP3) systems to work with semi-current libraries and PHP5/6 builds.
  • Learned to repair and rebuild various different eBook systems (Proprietary- Nook, Kindle, Sony, Android), including hardware, bootstrapping over USB, and system mods to get different Linux based distributions to run with higher freedom.
  • While working on and learning various Android systems, added the majority of Smartphones to the above list.
  • Oh- I converted my H7 headlights to LEDs, but that was barely a task beyond keeping CANBUS happy.

Like I said, it’s been awhile. Time goes on as life goes on- You’ve got the means to contact me if you care to.