In case you missed it, there was just a 50% off weekend at Pick-n-Pull. I managed to get a few spare SAAB parts and a spare tire for an Impala. Sadly, no seats for those, but it was a nice outing.

I managed to get my fuel pump replaced, and the car put back together within about two hours. The biggest issue (other than getting the retaining ring off) was to get the hard plastic hose gently heated to remove it from the pump, then to reassemble the whole thing carefully- I used a sharp to cut the hose from the pump, then just trimmed it back, placed it upon the new pump outlet, then applied pressure while heating the assembly. Still, fairly E-Z P-Z.

Pictured is my SAAB fuel pump ring removal tool, and the entire assembly before I replaced the pump. Always take pictures before you start to remove parts!