If you browse back a few pages, you might notice that along with the mass of printers, there are some PCs, LCDs, and associated components:

I’m hoping to continue refurbishing and selling the handful of laser printers to recoop my expenses (25’ U-Haul 1-way rentals are NOT cheap), but my wish is to rebuild these computers for those who cannot afford them.

Coming from a government auction, they’re all functional- but missing hard drives (and needing new CMOS batteries, but I have plenty CR2032s). There are 5 complete units that are worth salvaging, ranging from P4HT and Core2 based eras. 15”-17” LCDs, keyboards, and mice are all included, of course.

They’ve all got Windows license stickers on the machines themselves, so I can reinstall an OS- should I be able to find drives. I don’t have drives, but I’m hoping to get a bulk order of ~160GB SATA1 disks cheap enough.