This is not the saltwater that crabrouter was looking for!

Why is it “crabrouter”? It is not very happy taking non-Ralink SDK built kernels, among other, more obvious reasons. Sadly, the 2.4Ghz spectrum on this is still fairly unreliable when using the mt76 open source driver. It was sitting here on my kitchen table non-office transient workplace, and I had just been listening to Chicane (I have been looking to replace this CD for years- and find it at a thrift shop in rural Nevada of all places).. then frustpiration hit (frustration+inspiration): CRABROUTER CRUSH PUNY CASE- NO SEE SALTWATER HERE.

Thanks to a couple good resources, I was able to obtain a build of mt76 which isn’t in LEDE, and is behind a handful of revisions, but has many more features than it. I’ll probably merge the two and see how difficult it would be to get docs for the freakin’ chipset- but I have more pressing tasks, first!