Even though I’ve forced myself to “stay thin”, to support my aging hardware, I just can’t survive in 60 (55) gigs, even if it is on an EFI based multi-core system.

A fully-functional light distribution with browser, git, gcc, and all other build tools just can’t survive when you get into working on large distributables.

I’ve got two incompatible LEDE/OpenWRT trees, my own local src-packages, and that doesn’t even involve my own native code (which can fit in a couple megs these days), or the standard glibc and linux headers- I won’t even mention crosscompiling into musl targets.

I give up- SSDs and Core2s just can’t get me by. Eventually I’ll have to buy something newer- but until then, a 320GB 7200RPM SATA will have to do, even if it takes 100x as long.