Do you think Amazon goods aren't getting worse?

Sure, the fact that Prime is now double what it was a couple years ago, but has a neat $11/mo option probably eases the expense for many. But this isn’t about Prime.

Amazon’s products have taken a steep decline since they’ve started processing for Chinese-based companies. In fact, Amazon removed my reviews when I refused to let them not do something about a Chinese vendor who was selling cloned hardware with STOLEN software. It took nearly a week of phone calls to support, and finally an email to elJeffe before anyone would even own the problem. Then, they removed the complainant. Smooth.

This Consumer Protection Safety Commission link on recalled products will show you just how many “Amazon Exclusive” products have been recalled in 2017 alone, compared to 5 years ago (there was one).

Amazon doesn’t care. Jeff certainly doesn’t- he’s making bank. This is because we’ve become too lazy to shop for our own products, even at the prospect that those purchased through Amazon have not been properly tested before being put up for sale in our market.

Thanks but no thanks.