When your opinion is "wrong".

We’ve entered an interesting time on the internet.

I’ve always been a proponent of free speech- whether I agree with you, or not. I’ve never tried to do more than ridicule people who have a differing opinion.

We’ve entered another era.

People are no longer content making fun of, teasing, or otherwise. They’re now deplatforming them. What does that mean?

Well, after ridicule, then they went on to contacting the internet providers to try to get them kicked off.

A few years later- employers, to attempt to get them fired.

Skip a few years forward- and now they’re trying to remove them completely from the internet. They’re getting them removed from Facebook (see my earlier post about this). They’re removing them from YouTube. They’re getting their funding removed from crowdfunding sites. They’re removing their abilities to say whatever stupid things they should have the right to say, no matter how much it might be disagreed with.

I don’t care how slow you are. I don’t care how much I disagree with you. I don’t even care how much of a jerk you might be- The internet is still yours. This is wrong.