My feats of genius, and 10% off at Denny's!

I admit it – I lied about the Denny’s discount, but I had to get you to look somehow. Now that you’re here, no more P.T. Barnum act.

Many bits of software I have created or modified are in use daily all around the world, from the Dole fruit in that delicious looking salad, to a customized version of DOSBox with video hardware tweaks from QEMU to enable the deaf to continue their signing lessons on Macintosh systems (which used a really strange unchained MCGA mode, if you’re interested).

I usually manage large scale computers and networks and their security, but I find it easier to explain the software side; it’s a bit difficult for “normal people” to see me sitting by some computers and see what I’ve actually attained, after all I have not taught a computer how to make a Cobb salad, but there’s always hope.

My resume is available in these likely outdated forms:

If you have any questions, are curious about other things I’ve worked on, or feel I may be a “perfect fit” for your organization, feel free to contact me.