Even though I’ve forced myself to “stay thin”, to support my aging hardware, I just can’t survive in 60 (55) gigs, even if it is on an EFI based multi-core system.

A fully-functional light distribution with browser, git, gcc, and all other build tools just can’t survive when you get into working on large distributables.

I’ve got two incompatible LEDE/OpenWRT trees, my own local src-packages, and that doesn’t even involve my own native code (which can fit in a couple megs these days), or the standard glibc and linux headers- I won’t even mention crosscompiling into musl targets.

I give up- SSDs and Core2s just can’t get me by. Eventually I’ll have to buy something newer- but until then, a 320GB 7200RPM SATA will have to do, even if it takes 100x as long.

You make a script with a simple flat database to alert you when you need to get your cars smogged, because it’s easier to decide for myself when it should be done, rather than rely on the DMV postcard/email notification to work.

I’ve added it to my initial login shells so I see it once per newlogin per day. It’s relatively simple in design, and works well for those like me who find their memory isn’t quite as sharp as it once was.

< 1999 9-3 Convertible is PAST DUE (April 15th, 2017)!
= Can renew 2008 9-5 2.3T now!
> Can renew 2000 9-5 Aero on August 6th, 2017.
- 2008 9-3 Turbo X is not up for renewal for over 6 months.
- 2001 9-3 Convertible is not up for renewal for over 6 months.

I’ve coded the responses to be easily read. “Less Than” means overdue, an equal sign shows that it can be reregistered now, “Greater Than” for time in the future, and a minus for a time more than 6 months in the future.

The 1999 isn’t registered as it isn’t roadworthy- yet. It needs a new headgasket and is currently non-op.

 make[3] -C tools/firmware-utils compile
 make[3] -C tools/firmware-utils install
 make[3] -C tools/patch-image compile
 make[3] -C tools/patch-image install
 make[3] -C tools/findutils compile
 make[3] -C tools/findutils install
 make[3] -C tools/quilt compile
 make[3] -C tools/quilt install
 make[3] -C tools/padjffs2 compile
 make[3] -C tools/padjffs2 install
 make[3] -C tools/mm-macros compile
 make[3] -C tools/mm-macros install
 make[3] -C tools/cmake compile

Creating a ZBT-1326 compatible GL-iNet build, then one for WNDR-3800..

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