Here’s what the headlights look like, in three of 4 stages, from left to right.

  1. As they sat on the car, only washed clean.
  2. The first stage of renewing, with a partial 800 grit wetsand.
  3. The next stage, using 1000 grit.

I then clean up the scratches that are still evident with 2000 grit, and finally fill and seal the new layer of plastic to alleviate UV ray damage in the future.

I intended to have today to get many of the vehicular projects done, but the weather just has not cooperated! It was maybe 55 degrees by 11am, with 20+mph winds. That’s a bit cold to clean sticky residue from paint, and wetsand the plastic headlights.

So, it became oil change day, since the 9-5 needed it, anyhow. Then, the Impalas got new filters, which is a good thing- since their air intakes looked like they were submerged in a mountain for a few millennia.

I managed to get the right one fairly well initially sanded with 400 grit before the cold got to me; It looks as cloudy as the left one because that’s the nature of abrasions on plastic. It will be sanded with progressively finer grit, then given a clearcoat. That will brighten it up, and keep it from yellowing likely for the rest of the duration of the vehicles’ use.

I may have to add a new Category classification: “Auto Related”.

Back in the day, you had to go through the entire menu system, find your carcode ID, then manually construct a link to find closeouts for parts you were interested in. It wasn’t absolutely horrid, but it was annoying if you used them for transient parts- repairs for friends and family, and the occasional flip.

RockAuto has FINALLY addressed this!

If you look up your specific vehicle, after chosing the proper motor (when applicable), click on the RSS link beside the search entry, then choose “Enjoy a Bargain” on the right side – you will be presented with direct RSS/HTML feeds to their discount/closeouts. No more manually figuring them out!

That said, they’ve never figured out what RSS is. The RSS feed just links you to the HTML rendered on their website. Still, it’s better than nothing.

Oh, they’ve also shipped me a replacement sparkplug. It should be here by Friday.

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